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Marriage Packet: Index

Peace be with you.

The general mission of the White Robed Monks of St. Benedict is to let the world be a more compassionate place. Our purpose is to provide you with some information that you may find useful in your relationship. We offer you this packet for your compassionate health and well-being.

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Peace and Joy to you and yours!

The White Robed Monks of St. Benedict

Marriage Packet: Introduction

Part I. Why We Marry: The Merry Dance of Life (Only But One View)

  1. How It Happens
  2. Becoming Conscious: A Turning Point on the Journey
  3. Commitment to Healing
  4. Characteristics of a Conscious Relationship
  5. Relationships Consciously Considered
  6. General Statement about Reality
  7. Key Idea: Change The Message
    1. Double-Bind Messages that Don't Work
    2. Fully Responsible Statements that Work
    3. Real/Ideal and Actual Statements of Reality
  8. Self-Sabotaging Relationship Fears
  9. Banal Male/Female Conditioned Habit Communication Patterns

Part II. Surrendering: Only Just Sit (Only But One Practice)

  1. Letter of Introduction: Meditation Practice
  2. Principles of Seated Meditation
  3. Meditation and Daily Life
  4. Meditation and Health
  5. Meditation: Practice Makes Perfect

Part III. The Marriage Relationship (Only But One On-going Process)

  1. The Ten Predictable Crisis of Marriage
  2. Tips for Better Health
  3. "Can We Talk?
  4. How to Write a Love Letter

Marriage Packet Evaluation and Feedback Form

Sacraments and the Sacrament of Marriage: An Overview
Catholic Weddings: Special Circumstances
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