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Peace be with you.

Our policy for those studying directly with the White Robed Monks of St. Benedict is to not let finances be an obstacle on the Way to Ordination or one's spiritual development within the context of a structured learning context..

The White Robed Monks of St. Benedict appreciate the on-line costs and other costs that are part of an on-line, distance learning program on the part of all parties (students, teachers, administration) concerned. Hence, we suggest that perhaps an aspirant may make an offering commensurate to that aspirant's financial status. Perhaps the aspirant may tender an offering during or at the successful completion of each Way Station or in a tithing increment or some other modality.

We will not initiate a financial conversation with the aspirant, leaving this matter in the mind, heart, and hands of the aspirant.

What is most important and an unstated element of our Ordination (non-degree) and Certification (non-credit) program is that each aspirant be absolutely and unconditionally responsible not only for one's own personal, social, intellectual and emotional integrity, but also for one's financial integrity.

Peace and joy!

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